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Info on SAWA's newest mini-album Soprano Rain (12/19)!

This place is totally dead but I wanted to make a huge info post on this somewhere, haha. As previously posted, SAWA is finally releasing a new mini-album entitled Soprano Rain on December 19th, and the tracklist has been finalized.

click for larger, I love her shoes~

1. Good day Sunshine
2. Mysterious Zone
3. Try Again!
4. ハッピーバースデイ (Happy Birthday)
5. NoLimit
6. ソプラノレイン (Soprano Rain)
7. 心の瞳 (Kokoro no Hitomi; cover of Sakamoto Kyu)

Preorder links: HMV *comes with bonus stickers*, CDJapan

She released Good day Sunshine all the way back in May this year, and on December 8 she released Mysterious Zone as another digital download! SAWA self-produced tracks 1, 4, 5, and 6. Jazzin'park worked on Mysterious Zone and Toshihiko Nishibe produced the title track.

Special thanks to PlanetSAWA who always posts the latest news on SAWA despite her long period of inactivity.
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