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Video blogger whataboutadam is interviewing J-Pop singer songwriter MAA/Maria Mie Edwards next month, and wants your questions!

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29 July 2013 @ 10:19 am
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HNC hasn't posted anything with her name attached to it in nine months, so it's cool to see her finally upload something

Kc Da BeatMonster (Ft. Project Hollywood) - "Party At My Mansion"(HNC Bikini Mix)
11 February 2013 @ 12:45 am

Anyway...  Osawa announced 2 compilations at the beginning of this month.  Lemme give y'all the deets.

"SOFA DISCO", the first official mix CD from Shinichi Osawa and Masatoshi Uemura's DJ unit, OFF THE ROCKER, releases on February 13th.

¥2,520 (tax included) avex trax  AVCD-38555

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"SHINICHI OSAWA'S WORKS 2008-2012" which compiles Shinichi Osawa's productions, remixes, collaborations, and works under pseudonyms, releases on February 13th.

2CD Set ¥3,990 (tax-included) rhythm zone  RZCD-59311~2

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Source: Shinichi Osawa Official Site

Translation: yours truly

IDGAF if I have roughly half of the songs from that 2CD collection- those other songs are a pain in the ass to find. That said, I am disappoint that "Physical" wasn't included. OH HEY THEY COME OUT THIS WEEK

This place is totally dead but I wanted to make a huge info post on this somewhere, haha. As previously posted, SAWA is finally releasing a new mini-album entitled Soprano Rain on December 19th, and the tracklist has been finalized.

click for larger, I love her shoes~

1. Good day Sunshine
2. Mysterious Zone
3. Try Again!
4. ハッピーバースデイ (Happy Birthday)
5. NoLimit
6. ソプラノレイン (Soprano Rain)
7. 心の瞳 (Kokoro no Hitomi; cover of Sakamoto Kyu)

Preorder links: HMV *comes with bonus stickers*, CDJapan

She released Good day Sunshine all the way back in May this year, and on December 8 she released Mysterious Zone as another digital download! SAWA self-produced tracks 1, 4, 5, and 6. Jazzin'park worked on Mysterious Zone and Toshihiko Nishibe produced the title track.

Special thanks to PlanetSAWA who always posts the latest news on SAWA despite her long period of inactivity.
07 November 2012 @ 10:17 am
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Haven't heard from HNC for a while. Aside from featuring on a remix for TEAMS she hasn't put out anything since LOVE AND HATES. Maybe this is a hint towards a new LP or EP? Either way check out I Will Make You Sad at her soundcloud below:

LISTEN - I Will Make You Sad
19 October 2012 @ 04:00 pm
Just announced via her Twitter and Facebook, SAWA is finally releasing a new mini LP. It's called 'ソプラノレイン' (Soprano Rain?) and is out 19 December. It's entirely self-produced I think.

The tracklist is:

2.Mysterious Zone 
3. Good day Sunshine 
4. Try Again! 
5. ハッピーバースデイ
7.心の瞳 (坂本九カバー) 

Just as a sidenote, when I met her last December, I asked if 'Mysterious Zone' was going to be on her next release, and she said "uh... no?". And now, there it is! That's some SAWA mind tricks I pulled there.

18 October 2012 @ 01:55 am
I can't really say much about this girl (as I don't know much), but all I know is that she's a newcomer and is debuting with a self-titled mini-album set for release in November 14th. Here's the PV for the lead track, "Reverb*"! She's produced by popular Vocaloid producer Kz (Livetune). She's also known for being friends with MEG!

I'm really digging her sound and I love her style. Can't wait for what the EP has to offer! Check out her official website/mini-album info here. I also think she's a Zainichi-Korean given by her name but I'm not sure, she also looks Korean so she might be. Not that it matters, but I still find interesting.
11 October 2012 @ 12:44 pm

lmao @ some of these titles ("LIPCRAP"...), but I love the cover! Here's hoping we'll be able to listen to it within the next century.
So, apparently some major stuff has happened to Aural Vampire while we weren't looking...

Aural Vampire's official website was renewed with an all-new profile, saying they're no longer a "new-wave" band but a "digi-rock" one. They have 4 new members: Wu-CHY (Bass), Higuchuuhei (Guitar), ZEN (Keyboards) and IZU (Drum).

The new-formatted AV--no longer on Avex but Yottabyte Records--are releasing their new single Soloween, the PV of which you can view below (it was animated by RAVEMAN himself):

To be honest, I think Aural Vampire were perfect as-is, with Kerguelen Vortex being an amazing release...however, the new song doesn't sound much different than the AV we already know, so time will tell if the "new" Aural Vampire will be a big change-up.
Current Music: Aural Vampire - Soloween
24 August 2012 @ 01:02 am
According to Exo-Chika's Twitter (and a preorder page on Amazon.jp), Aural Vampire are releasing a new maxi-single called ソロウィン (Soroween? Soloween?). It's just in time for Halloween, October 10th, so I'm guessing the name comes from there.

There's no official word on what it is, exactly, but Tower Records' preorder page has the most information. It's a 3-track single and all of the songs are Halloween related.

This is fantastic and I'm super excited considering how good Kerguelen was. Shockingly (?) enough, they're not releasing it on Avex but an indies label (not self-published, however, like Kerguelen was). As to why AV are no longer releasing things on Avex remains a mystery.
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