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✭✩ STEREO NiGHT → japanese electro community

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J-tek (Japanese techno, electronica, dance etc. music)

Welcome to STEREO NiGHT.

We are one half of the community contemode. As for us, we were created as an outlet for the members of that community to communicate and share non-ystk news with others. Please come discuss the bourgeoning genre of Japanese electronic music with us, and join if you'd like to learn about new and existing artists in this exciting genre, and enjoy the sharing with other fans.

Our extended electro family:
contemode (All Nakata Yasutaka acts--capsule, MEG, Perfume etc. go here)
dtopia (All D-Topia acts--Aira Mitsuki, Saori@destiny etc. go here)
cosmic_pink (All immi-related discussion go here)
purastikkubeibi (Electro-related icons community)

1.) Please check back at least 5 posts before posting something, to avoid repeat posting.
2.) Please respect the opinions of others and refrain from contributing negative comments and flaming. If you have a problem with a poster or one of the community's policies, message a moderator instead of perpetuating complaints on the community.
3.) Please do not request the uploading of entire discographies, and the like.
4.) Promote your blog/community at your own risk.
5.) If you think that your entry might be unrelated or that only some of the members will enjoy it, lock it just to be safe, so you reduce the traffic for people who only check the community for news.
6.) Keep discussion restricted to artists whose main genre is electronic. While I understand that artists such as Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi etcetera release electronic songs sometimes, there are communities enough for more mainstream pop music.

Thanks, and see you there!
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