Pedro (prismboy) wrote in stereo_night,

Hot debut! Yun*chi's "Reverb*"

I can't really say much about this girl (as I don't know much), but all I know is that she's a newcomer and is debuting with a self-titled mini-album set for release in November 14th. Here's the PV for the lead track, "Reverb*"! She's produced by popular Vocaloid producer Kz (Livetune). She's also known for being friends with MEG!

I'm really digging her sound and I love her style. Can't wait for what the EP has to offer! Check out her official website/mini-album info here. I also think she's a Zainichi-Korean given by her name but I'm not sure, she also looks Korean so she might be. Not that it matters, but I still find interesting.
Tags: yun*chi
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